Digital Content Curation Defined

The title of this post should really be Why Attempts At Content Curation Definition Have Failed.

When once curation meant collecting art, books or any of an unlimited number of physical items, content curation is the collection and dissemination of information, an almost intangible form of a collection.  Before the advent of a seemingly unlimited number of sites and tools which can be used to curate online content, content curation was completed by hand, in a process similar to scrap-booking.  This process involves clipping articles from newspapers, magazines, trade publications and journals, books – really any physical literary source.

To go one step further, digital content curation Forcing a specific definition at this point in the evolution of content curation would certainly lead to a pigeon-holed and short sighted view of the emerging industry.

Quora, a question and answer website, has to date provided the most concise, applicable definition of Web Content Curation.

Web Content Curation: The process of identifying, organizing and sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific topic or issue online.

Content Curation:  Amassing a Collection

The following article from provides an understanding of content curation in relation to curation in general.

Content curation usually involves the collection of content relevant to a topic and then sharing short portions of them (on a blog or website or other platform), while linking to and giving credit to the original source.

Content Curation: Definition and 6 Tool Options

Drawing parallels to content curation and the curation of physical objects, this article provides a good framework to comprehend content curation in terms of social networks and other online sources.  It also addresses a very important issue in content curation: citations.

Much like a research paper or article requires the citation of

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