Content Curation and Content Marketing

Content Curation: Should You Use It For Marketing?


This brief, insightful blog post opens with a brief definition of Content Curation.  While the definition could use a bit of work it does provide some general knowledge.

With a quick synopsis of how Content Curation can be used for Content Marketing, the post provides seven benefits of curation.

Here are the benefits of Curation:

  1. It gives readers valuable content that interests them.
  2. You can give relevant information and high quality education.
  3. Engages your readers and build trust in you because of it.
  4. Entertain your readers as well.
  5. You can build social media networks as well as word-of-mouth marketing with the value you provide.
  6. It will build a lot of traffic to your website.
  7. You can build your brand

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