Pew Research Supports Content Curation

If You Have News, It Will Be Aggregated and/or Curated

by Mathew Ingram for Gigaom via Bloomberg Business

Ingram summarizes the latest report from the Pew Research Center foreseeing the use of aggregation and curation as what will be.  Currently Twitter and FB are not driving the amount of consumption they are assumed to be.  And the largest allocation of ad revenue goes online.

At the same time, large media outlets continue to attempt to create an environment of “walled-garden-style” payment structures for digital media. This payment wall plan is anticipated to fail, however:

“In effect, many users seem to be looking to generate their own digital-newspaper-style overview of the world rather than accepting one from a single media outlet, and if the content they are looking for comes from an aggregator like the Huffington Post because the original is behind a paywall, then so be it.”

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