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2nd announcement concerning the #SocialCurationSummit Set for July in New York City

Previously the announcement of WedMediaBrands #SocialCurationSummit garnered a limited amount of press.  Set for July 31st in NYC, the event promises to be a forum for everyone from creative directors to comsumer brands.

On Wednesday it was announced that mediabistro is now one of the organizers and speakers will be moderating the event.

Organized by mediabistro, Social Times and AllFacebook, this event appears to be much more presentation-oriented.

The speakers include: Scott Belsky, CEO of creative platform Behance, Jay Miletsky, Founder and CEO of MyPod Studios, and Shane Rahmani, VP of Business Development & Strategy, Thrillist Media Group.

See link below for full list. >> Events and Education >> Social Curation Summit Set for July in New York City.


YouTube – Steven Rosenbaum on Content Curation

In this 15 minute video from the Maryland Association of CPA’s, hosted by Bill Sheridan, Steven Rosenabaum discusses Content Curation at the Digital Now Conference in Orlando, FL.

Content curation: More signal, less noise – YouTube.

“We’ve essentially broken the web…and we’ve broken the web by just filling it with data…curators are increasingly 3 things: they’re creators of content, they make some content, to some extent.  They’re organizers…they knit together existing other sources into a coherent narrative.  And they’re collectors of content from audiences. ”

-Steven Rosenbaum

Rosenbaum discusses the growth of Content Curation and the use of video to educate across the web.  Discussion includes references to Khan Academy, the rapidly growing online video education service.

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This 17-step Guide Seems All-Inclusive

A guide for digital marketers intending to make a name for themselves with Content Curation.

How to be a formidable content curator: a 17-step guide | Econsultancy.

by Chris Lake

How to be a formidable content curator: a 17-step guide | Econsultancy

#socialcurationsummit – Premiere Social Curation Summit

SXSW and other media-centric forums have bred the growth of content curation.  Now, the first “official” social curation summit is occurring in the Big Apple.

via WebMediaBrands Announces Social Curation Summit, First Conference to Cover Visual Communities & Commerce, July 31 in New York City – MarketWatch.

On July 31 in New York City WedMediaBrands will be hosting brand marketers, advertising directors, creative directors, design professionals, consumer brands, and social media executives in a forum designed to address the growth and future of social curation.

“As the popularity of image-rich aggregation websites and contributed content such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and Fancy continues to grow, now is a necessary time for brands to seize the opportunity to extend influencer outreach and discover new dimensions to market their products.”

Alan Meckler, Chairman and CEO of WebMediaBrands, Inc.

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Google’s Search Result Ordering Protected as Free Speech

Google Results Protected by First Amendment, Says Google-Commissioned Report

by  for All Things Digital 

Paczkowski outlines a Google report which argues that the discretion of Google in ordering and selecting search results is akin to an editor at a magazine.  In this line of thought, the act of curating and ordering is protected as free speech in much the same was as the work of an editor.

“Search engines select and sort the results in a way that is aimed at giving users what the search engine companies see as the most helpful and useful information. In this respect, each search engine’s editorial judgment is much like many other familiar editorial judgments.”


Essentially this report justifies the current Google practice of featuring their in-house resources, such as Google+ and YouTube, as primary search results.  If Google wishes to curate their own content for user search results, Volokh argues they have every right under the First Amendment.

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