Monthly Archives: September 2014

A Philosophical Take on Content Curation

The Guardian has released a new article on the effects of content curation on branding, and the philosophical implications are not good. In an environment where automation seems to become more and more present, content curation takes a slight and direct touch to be effective.

Social media content curation can sometimes feel less than hyper selective and more like digital regurgitation simply adding to the data deluge engulfing our social media feeds.

– Anna Lawlor, The Guardian

Essentially what Lawlor is arguing here is that automation can not take the place of true engagement, i.e. interacting with the end-user. And content curation requires additional context to be creative; mere summation will not do. 

Is this the beginning of a backlash against content curation at the high levels of media which as recently as last year hailed the new wave of digital marketing? Stay tuned, sports fans. Content curation may have hit the high water mark.