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NYT Enters Content Curation with Now app

Content curation is a built in feature for the New York Times new Now app. Free to subscribers and $8/month for non-subscribers, this app will feature content hand picked by a team of editors, rather than a computer algorithm like so much curated content these days.

A team of more than 10 editors will select the content for NYT Now, which will be only a sampling of the paper’s entire news report.

Ravi Somaiya, via NYT Now Announcement


By sampling their own paper, NYT authors focus the app users on specific content, presumably in an effort to drive readership of certain topics and retain new subscribers.

NYT Now excites me because it acts against that trend. Instead of rewarding readers with no home on the web, it aims to reward readers for returning, again and again and again.

Robinson Meyer, via The Atlantic

Additionally, further curation through the app will actually drive clicks to outside content sources or past in-house content.

A screen called “Our Picks” takes readers to stories at other outlets, or sometimes to older New York Times stories.

Andrew Beaujon, via Poynter

This marks an effort by the old-hat publishers to capitalize on the recent digital curation trend. The hope being that by driving readers to in-house and outside content, NYT editors will stem the tide of evacuating readership and garner fresh eyes for the publication. Perhaps this will one day be the missing link between the evolution from completely print to completely digital in terms of publication.

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