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Kyurēshon or How the Japanese Curate

Content Curation, like so many other internet trends, is not limited to the United States. Curation and applicable software are an international issue, as outlined in the Japanese Times article, “More and More Smartphone Users in Japan Look to News Curation“. This article focuses primarily on the prevalence of the SmartNews app, but discusses competitors as well.

SmartNews allows media to opt out of having their content listed, but these days every eye counts when it comes to page views.

Akky Akimoto, Japan Times

As the article outlines, the Japanese population is turning more and more to curation via news outlets such as the SmartNews app. The relevant news article is presented with the first paragraph within the app, and if a user decides to continue reading they are then directed to the original source article on the producer’s home page. SmartNews was also awarded the “Best App 2013” by Google Play, marking its arrival on the international scene.

SmartNews mines millions of Twitter stream data and picks up thousands of hot topics. Then it sorts them into the categories you see in the app’s colorful tabs.

Steven Millward, TECHINASIA


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Content Curation Gets Its Day on the Catwalk

BeautyCon, an annual fashion and beauty summit for internet influencers, will kick off in New York this year with a partnership with ELLE magazine. While this may not seem like news you really care about as a content enthusiast, it is important to note the role content curation will play in this fashion festival.

ImageYou Better Work…content curation.

BeautyCon and ELLE are partnering on Content Curation, marking a rare situation in which an old-hat, print magazine with some internet presence is teaming with an up-and-coming internet-based event in the area of digital curation. 

“We are excited to work with BeautyCon, a first-mover in the important blogger/vlogger space…At ELLE, we are inspired by what’s new and what’s next, and that is what BeautyCon is all about.”

– Kevin O’Malley, Senior Vice President, Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer of ELLE

Could this team approach to content curation be a trend that catches fire? 

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Content Curation and The Future of Twitter

This article from the Wall Street Journal, an obvious first choice for content curation news (heavy on the sarcasm), analyzes the future of Twitter with respect to its recent IPO by interviewing two esteemed doctors on the Twitter outlook. One takes a more reserved, or bear, stance, while the other takes a more “bullish” stance, to employ the popular Wall Street terms.

Twitter’s ability to succeed as an information network only holds if the user can find the desired content quickly. So content curation is a critical need to better onboard new users as well as keep existing users engaged.

-Dr. Paul Judge, for the Wall Street Journal

You can take a look at the full article here, but just note the source and allow yourself to realize that Twitter will very well be around in 5 years time, but will certainly be a very different beast from what anyone can predict. As Dr. Judge explains, though, content curation will be a cornerstone of future success, as Twitter users become accustomed to having more information now on the topics they need now.

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Pew Research Supports Content Curation

If You Have News, It Will Be Aggregated and/or Curated

by Mathew Ingram for Gigaom via Bloomberg Business

Ingram summarizes the latest report from the Pew Research Center foreseeing the use of aggregation and curation as what will be.  Currently Twitter and FB are not driving the amount of consumption they are assumed to be.  And the largest allocation of ad revenue goes online.

At the same time, large media outlets continue to attempt to create an environment of “walled-garden-style” payment structures for digital media. This payment wall plan is anticipated to fail, however:

“In effect, many users seem to be looking to generate their own digital-newspaper-style overview of the world rather than accepting one from a single media outlet, and if the content they are looking for comes from an aggregator like the Huffington Post because the original is behind a paywall, then so be it.”

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