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OwnZones and Curation Validation

Funding has once again validated the role of content curation. OwnZones Media has received $5.9 million in Series A funding to continue to create what they claim to be a unique curation platform.

OwnZones Media Network, Inc. has created the technological ecosystem that will forever transform the way consumers, digital content providers and advertisers interact. With its innovative aggregation and curation platform, OwnZones will be the driving force in the transition from free to paid-for content on the Internet.


While scuttlebutt surrounding content curation may have hit a peak, the nuts and bolts of content curation are still rolling, as proven by this large investment.

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tweetTV wants to be the social TV guide

tweetTV wants to be the social TV guide

The latest version of a “social TV guide” from tweetTV hopes to be align your twitter chatter w your television provider.  As Content Curation moves twitter into your DVR, Social Curation moves closer to monetization. 

From Patricio Roberts via Econsultancy:

With more and more television viewers turning to sites like Twitter to weigh in on what they’re watching at any given moment, it’s no surprise that social media is attracting the focus of content creators and television networks.



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