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Kyurēshon or How the Japanese Curate

Content Curation, like so many other internet trends, is not limited to the United States. Curation and applicable software are an international issue, as outlined in the Japanese Times article, “More and More Smartphone Users in Japan Look to News Curation“. This article focuses primarily on the prevalence of the SmartNews app, but discusses competitors as well.

SmartNews allows media to opt out of having their content listed, but these days every eye counts when it comes to page views.

Akky Akimoto, Japan Times

As the article outlines, the Japanese population is turning more and more to curation via news outlets such as the SmartNews app. The relevant news article is presented with the first paragraph within the app, and if a user decides to continue reading they are then directed to the original source article on the producer’s home page. SmartNews was also awarded the “Best App 2013” by Google Play, marking its arrival on the international scene.

SmartNews mines millions of Twitter stream data and picks up thousands of hot topics. Then it sorts them into the categories you see in the app’s colorful tabs.

Steven Millward, TECHINASIA


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