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Content Curation and The Future of Twitter

This article from the Wall Street Journal, an obvious first choice for content curation news (heavy on the sarcasm), analyzes the future of Twitter with respect to its recent IPO by interviewing two esteemed doctors on the Twitter outlook. One takes a more reserved, or bear, stance, while the other takes a more “bullish” stance, to employ the popular Wall Street terms.

Twitter’s ability to succeed as an information network only holds if the user can find the desired content quickly. So content curation is a critical need to better onboard new users as well as keep existing users engaged.

-Dr. Paul Judge, for the Wall Street Journal

You can take a look at the full article here, but just note the source and allow yourself to realize that Twitter will very well be around in 5 years time, but will certainly be a very different beast from what anyone can predict. As Dr. Judge explains, though, content curation will be a cornerstone of future success, as Twitter users become accustomed to having more information now on the topics they need now.

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