“How did this one piece of content provoke this extreme reaction?”

-Rebecca Lieb, a digital media analyst at the Altimeter Group

from the article, YouTube’s role at issue over video that incited Mideast violence

“How did this one piece …


Content Curation is the digital intersection of enthusiasm and necessity.

Content Curation is the d…

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The value in big data, like the sentiment in tweets, is not yet understood…Just like the value of Twitter as a communication platform was misunderstood in 2008.

-Howard Lindzon of StockTwits

The Value In Big Data Is As Misunderstood As Twitter Was Back in 2008

by Boonsri Dickinson for San Francisco Gate via Business Insider

As discussed in this article from the San Francisco Gate, big data is the future of web content, and StockTwits is a prime example of Content Curation applied to this inevitability in a way that computer programs could not be in order to provide a direct service in a profitable business model.  Curators with StockTwits filter though Twitter chatter in order to aggregate actionable information of financial issues such as stocks and trade chatter.  Potential clients include financial firms and financial media institutions like MSN Money.

StockTwits IS Content Curation

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“It’s called curation if you like it, aggregation if you don’t”

via Gigaom, in his blog post It’s not curation aggregation, it’s just how the internet works

“It’s called curation …

In actuality, content curation has been around since the dawn of the publishing industry. The job of the editor was to take the best information from around their industry and present that information in a manner that makes sense to readers.

Joe Pulizzi – @juntajoe
Founder Junta42 and Content Marketing Institute, Co-Author of Get Content, Get Customers.

In actuality, content cur…

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